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1x founder, 2x co-founder, raised a total of $5M, Investment Funds with AUM up to $60M.

Experience in Talent Development, Investment Funds, EdTech, HR Tech, Fintech, Arts, Creative Industries, and launching new market niches.
Our team brings a unique mix of talent development, building startups hands-on, venture investments, asset management, engineering, data science and arts.

We are located in Barcelona and Vilnius, with team presented globally.
GP, Entrepreneur and
Talent Acquisition Executive
GP, Investment Buy-Side
Professional and Entrepreneur

Hedge Funds and P/E Funds with AUM up to $10B, VC experience, 2x co-founder, 2x funded.

Experience in Hedge funds, PE, VC, distressed assets, alternatives, Pharma, Diagnostics, AI & Big Data, Energy, Banking, HiTech, Automotive.
We are lead and hands-on investors in talented founders from all walks of life. We look for explorers who build resistant sustainable businesses and redefine the way humans live and collaborate.
Pre-Seed & Seed stages
inclusive teams
Emerging and nascent markets
Category definer or global scalability
We are looking for founders with grit and empathy, who thrive in uncertainty, and invent artful and game-changing solutions.

We bring conviction, ingenuity, smart connected capital, hands-on support, as well as partners, advisors, vendors and next stage investors that fit. We are driven by empathy, data science and network synergies.

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Some of the segments we are looking at

  • Education, Work, Talent: up-skill and shift skill learning, skill-based talent assessment and acquisition, gig & remote work, collaborative tools, tools for decision-making, tools for thought, methodology as a product
  • Fintech & Banking: micro-savings, micro-wealth management, legal tech, internet of value
  • Media & Entertainment: content creation and management tools, augmented interfaces, content for autopilot cars, cloud games
  • Biotech: manufacturing on demand, drug discovery, wearables
  • New Materials: sustainable, smart and responsive materials for healthcare, biotechnology, construction and textiles

Empowered by technologies

  • AI, ML, Big Data: enhance process optimization, personalization, insight and decision-making; harness the power of data in medicine, entertainment, advertisment, financial scoring, materials, agriculture, fashion, biotechnology
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy: enable verification, data ownership, security, compliance and governance for remote world
Businesses that are starting today, are going to impact our collective futures. We'd like to impact the outcome by believing early, investing with integrity and supporting founders hands-on. And we bring the whole network of digital villages along.

Growing interdisciplinarity in arts, science, technologies and economics brings a perfect playground for inventions. We are looking for human-centric solutions that empower human potential and a more sustainable life.
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